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Not exactly a resolution, but

I hope to do more blogging in 5772.


This is a test of blog-to-LJ connectivity. It was posted at 2011-04-24T09:53-0400.

Technical difficulties

Our server has been locking up repeatedly over the past few days, apparently because our spam filter was consuming an obscene amount of memory. I have (probably) fixed the problem, and if it weren’t less than an hour before sunset on Friday, I would have an extensive and geeky rant about what happened, but instead I will just provide a user-friendly public-service announcement:

If you have sent email to us in the past few days and you have not received a bounce message from your Internet service provider, we will (probably) get it Real Soon Now. If you did receive a bounce message, it is now (probably) safe to resend the message. If you have been treating email as a communications medium that is generally guaranteed to reach its destination in a matter of hours, please adjust your expectations… it usually works that way, but nothing in the perverse architecture of the Internet really guarantees that it will do so.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unless, of course, you are a spammer.

We have experienced technical difficulties

Over this weekend I had one of those Learning Experiences that I could have done without. It turns out that when you transfer your domain registry to a different registrar, the information about your domain does not automatically get copied over. So if you sent email over the past few days and it bounced, or if you tried to access this site over the last few days and got a 404 error or a mysterious domain-parking page, that’s why.

I think everything is fixed now (except for the secondary MX record, which you don’t have to care about if you don’t know what it is, and maybe even if you do).

I am my blog's and my blog is mine

It’s Elul — a time to reflect on the past and prepare for the future, a time to concentrate (even more than usual) on turning away from sin, a time to renew and rebuild those things that have been neglected.

Such as, say, posting to a blog that’s been on a long hiatus.

So I hear we have a Presidential election coming up in a few months….

Moving, moving, moving

If you see this posting, it’s a sign that I have sucessfully migrated this blog from my old Fedora 4 virtual server at OpenHosting to my new Debian Etch virtual server at Linode. (The OpenHosting guys have given me great service, but I’m tired of learning how many Linux software packages that I need are unavailable as RPMs.)

As far as I can tell, the only glitch in the migration process was that a whole bunch of ” and ם characters were somehow corrupted. (Hell, to paraphrase Sartre, is other character sets.) But I think that’s fixed now.

0.2 score years ago...

Hey, look, it’s my fourth blogiversary!

According to my clever parsing of my HTTP logs, roughly 200 people (well, roughly 200 distinct IP addresses that are unlikely to belong to bots) read this blog directly over the Web; LiveJournal reports that 40 users are subscribed to its syndication feed over there; a smattering of other people might be reading this through other syndication services.

So who are y’all? Pull up some virtual chairs, introduce yourselves, advertise your own blogs. See, I even made the comment box bigger, so you can get comfortable.

Selling little plastic shovels to the Gold Rush prospectors

I have to admire the chutzpah of whoever conceived of this publication.

Greetings from Virginia

If you can see this (and the domain name in your browser doesn’t begin with “groundcherry”), then your DNS client can see ropine.com at its new IP address, which points to a virtual server run by the nice folks at OpenHosting.

There is a certain cachet to being able to tell people “go to this URL and you will see a Web page served from a computer that is in my basement”, but it’s not worth the tzuris of losing a long weekend’s worth of hits, or more, when the server flakes out and I can’t go down to that basement and fix it right away.

Also, it turns out that it will cost less for me to get a virtual server at OpenHosting (where I am still root within my sandbox) plus a standard DSL service for home (the kind that doesn’t let me run a server), than it’s costing me now to have a static IP address (the kind that does let me run a server in my basement) through Speakeasy.

(If you do want to host a Web server in your basement, or have some other reason to want a geek-friendly ISP, we heartily recommend Speakeasy. We have no complaints about the service they’ve given us; it’s just that we’re moving on to a different kind of service.)

P.S.: Sorry for the hiatus; between Pesach, a string of illnesses in the nuclear family, and a string of visits to and from the extended family, blogging time has been, shall we say, constrained.

P.P.S.: Happy third blogiversary to me!

Welcome to the machine

If you can read this, your browser or feed aggregator was successfully redirected to the TextPattern-based version of this blog. Permalinks to the old blog will continue to work until I either set up a massive number of redirects or screw up my Apache configuration again.

All the old entries should have been imported, although there are some formatting glitches, especially in the entries with source code. All the non-spammy comments should also be here.

I have resisted the urge to spend six months tweaking the design before going live, but I will just point out that in this new layout, if you’re using a text-based browser, the content conveniently precedes the stuff in the sidebars; and if you’re not, the colored background of each entry has four rounded corners. Ph33r my 31337 CSS $kill$.


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